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how to increase storage space to your Macbook Air, Macbook pro or Microsoft surface book.

If you are one of those who bought a 128GB Macbook or Surface Book, you would likely face the same storage problem as I do.

Here is a quick guide to solve some of the issues 80% of people who owns a 128GB laptop face.

  1. Organise your files and delete any unwanted files or past downloads. Here is a quick video on how to delete files completely from mac.
  2. Clear your trash.
  3. Move any files you have not been using for the past 6 months to one year to a portable hard disk or if you would like to keep it close to your Macbook, you’d definitely love stealth drives.
  4. Uninstall any apps that you have not been using especially those large apps like imovie or igarage.
  5. I hope this quick guide can give you more options to make use of.

I’ll share another post on how to choose the right microsd card soon! Thank you.

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